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H2O Additional water radiator + mounting kit for BMW S1000RR

H2O Additional water radiator + mounting kit for BMW S1000RR

Code: Art. 361

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H2O aluminium radiator

Code: 361


  • Additional water radiant mass of 22mm curved
  • Silicone and aluminum tubes kit.

At the base of engine cooling

During normal use of the motorcycle, the engine generates a large amount of heat, when it reaches about 85 degrees Celsius it is on the threshold from which the engine begins to lose performance, over 118 degrees the engines begin to lose power (up to 6/7 horses) and there is a risk of irreversible damage. In fact, in the race most of the engine failures occur due to insufficient cooling of the same.

The functioning of an aluminum radiator

The purpose of a radiator is to cool the engine through a coolant. Through a well studied path inside the radiator structure the liquid dissipates the heat through the use of fins and a series of internal pipes.

Why an aluminum race radiator

The standard radiators of the series are not designed for the high amount of work to which the engine is subjected in the race. H2O aluminum radiators are designed to overcome this shortcoming, keeping the engine cool and preserving it from breakage caused by overheating. The radiators for straddle applications are designed for certain working ranges at the most accessible possible cost, not suitable for the race regimes for which the stresses due to the use of the engine always almost to the limit. To keep costs down, OEM radiators are designed keeping the number of tubes (More expensive) and increasing the number of cooling fins (Much cheaper). H2O does the exact opposite designing its cooling radiators with a high number of pipes and fewer fins, also limiting dirt and debris that normally fit inside, obviously decreasing its efficiency. The sturdiness of the product is born in the welding of the tubes to the trays, avoiding the gluing the H2O aluminum radiator will certainly be more long-lived and robust. The use of aluminum and construction technology make it much lighter than an original radiator.

Suitable for:

BMW S 1000 RR 09-11
BMW S 1000 RR /ABS 12-14
BMW S 1000 RR 15-16
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