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Frame parts

Setting up a real special bike or a bike for track use is a sophisticated operation and every little detail must be taken care of to have the best technique and effectiveness of the processing and also the aesthetics taken care of as the bike must be functional but also beautiful. To transform a motorcycle you need front and rear frames, for a better position of the arms and legs you need special handlebars and for an effective guide you need handlebars with ideal inclination and rear and raised rider footpegs that do not hit the asphalt even in the greatest folds. To adjust the chain well you need sophisticated rules to be installed on the swingarm, to have an excellent and adjustable offset it is advisable to install steering plates with eccentrics, all obviously with always racing controls to have rapid throttle control, with gas quick adjustable and customizable complete with cables. All these items in the motorcycle frame parts section of our store are made for all motorcycles and make a production bike into a true SBK replica. All frame upgrade products are made with sophisticated materials and light alloys and with complex CNC machining or TIG welding processes to ensure product quality. Omnia Racing Special Parts represents the most important brands in the world and above all absolutely Made in Italy such as Robbymoto, Rizoma, Lightech, Valtermoto, Accossato, Domino, Barracuda, the most infamous and used brands in all motorcycling championships and two-wheel competitions.


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