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Cases e Bags

Givi‘s and kappa's rear cases are suitable for motorcycles, scooters and maxi scooters. These cases are the result of more than 20 years’ experience in the production of motorbike accessories, and represent the best on the market even for design. Thanks to the attention to detail, these cases are designed to fit the motorbike properly and are the solution to every need for all customers. They are a technological point of reference for a complete and satisfying driving experience. These cases are made to guarantee ease of use, thanks to the opening/detaching system of the plate, possible with the use of a single key only. Givi has patented the most two famous locking systems in the world: MONOKEY® AND MONOLOCK®. To maximize the space of your motorbike having a comfortable trip, the pair of rigid bags, positioned on either side of the frame, is the preferred solution by motorcyclists. Givi and Kappamoto is able to offer many options in both shape and internal capacity for this type of configuration, suitable for every need, without sacrificing security, quality of materials and design. Currently, we have six different models of this bags in the catalogue with the popular MONOKEY locking system, patented from Givi and which is different from any other for its reliability through time and the manufacturing process which makes it right to bear any sort of stress. Givi’s soft bags are appreciated from people looking for accessories which are resistant, elegant, comfortable and reliable. These soft bags have a double valance: from one side to complete and increase the possibilities given by rigid cases, on the other they are a valid alternative to them. Due to their structure, they can be easily adapted to major types of motorbikes and scooters thanks to the universal mounting kit, comprising of belts, magnets and standard frames. Through the years, Givi improved and enormously expanded the range of these accessories, clearly appreciated from motorbike’s users, by inserting in the catalogue various models of different shapes and sizes. In particular, they have been designed and made to meet all budgets and technical needs, like tank and saddle bags, side bags, tunnel bags, backpacks, foldable waterproof bags and many others, often modular’s, divided into specific ranges. To finish, Givi has produced a lot of useful accessories to improve the travel experience, which has to meet expectations of security and high performances.

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