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GIVI TRK33PACK2 side and central hardbag/top-case Monokey Trekker in aluminium
Brand: Givi

GIVI TRK33PACK2 side and central hardbag/top-case Monokey Trekker in aluminium

Code: TRK33PACK2

EAN: 8019606138880

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GIVI suitcase / Top Cases central and lateral Monokey

cod. TRK33PACK2

Do you need a product that works both from a side case and a central case?

The 33 liter Trekker it's the suitcase that's right for you. Can be used both as a central box (compatible with all MONOKEY® plates), and as a side case (compatible with the side frames PL_ _ _ and PLR_ _ _) the Trekker TRK33 is useful for any eventuality. The cases are made of ABS with reinforced aluminum inserts, resistant in all conditions of use, with an airtight seal that does not allow the infiltration of water or other liquids, protecting the objects inside. The 33 liter compartment, thanks to its size, is able to accommodate a modular or integral helmet, and turns out to be the ideal compromise to deal with long journeys.

The suitcases mount the same cylinder with a single key, and an additional small cylinder with the same key as the other 2 is supplied. This allows to mount a central case to avoid a single key for the locks.

Thanks to the selectors located inside the suitcases, it is possible to decide whether to open the entire cover, or the only top hatch (very practical to introduce or remove objects from the suitcase during the trip avoiding to overturn the entire baggage).

Embellished with a precious sheet in real anodized aluminum, these suitcases are particularly suitable not only for road enduro, but also for the most elegant touring bikes.

Available in natural aluminum color or black aluminum.

Available in two versions with a capacity of 46 liters (TRK46N) and 33 liters (TRK33N), the TREKKER are the ideal solution for bikes equipped with a tailpipe only on one side; in fact, fitting the smallest suitcase on the side where the muffler is present and the large one on the other side, in many cases the problem of the asymmetry that would be obtained with traditional side suitcases is solved.

The particularity of being sold in single packaging, and to be used as top case top case on the MONOKEY® plates, allows the customer to choose the combination that most satisfies his space requirements, deciding which versions to mount on his bike.

(All information refers to the single unit and not to the pair!)

Warning: it can not be hooked to the plates fitted with a stop light kit contact


  • Material: aluminium
  • maximum capacity: 10 kg
  • Volume in liters: 33
  • Measures in cm (width x height x depth): 526x411x310


The Monokey system is an exclusive patent of GIVI. It is surely the hooking system for side cases and top case for motorcycle more widespread in the world; thanks to its simplicity of use it allows the opening of the cover and the release of the suitcases from the plate using a single key. Compact and light with high mechanical characteristics, they make it a high quality product. The three fixing points of the sealing plate ensure balancing and uniformity of load to the full advantage of the stability and durability of both the mounting plate and the mounted case. Thanks to the 4 elastic spacers, resistant to bad weather and thermal excursions, the MONOKEY ensures excellent damping of the oscillations, vibrations and a solid contact with the supporting surface. All this allowed the MONOKEY of GIVI a very high quality standard and unprecedented reliability.

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