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Filters SprintFilter P08 air filter for KTM DUKE 125 2011>

Filters SprintFilter P08 air filter for KTM DUKE 125 2011>

Code: PM145S

EAN: 4752183001348

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Air filter for motorbike DUKE 125

Filter code PM145S

Sprint Filter for over 50 years is on the market with its products. Using innovative and technologically advanced materials, taking care of every part of the production process, from CAD drawing to the finished product through molds created by (CNC).

Sprint FIlter makes its filters using the best materials such as aluminum, steel, polyurethane, carbon and kevlar. The innovative P08 polyester filter is distinguished from the classic cotton filters allowing a greater inflow of air combined with an excellent filtering power maintaining a great simplicity of maintenance.


More power to your bike

Sprint Filter P08 is the filter that offers the best performance on every bike.  Results show that the test bench is the best solution to get the right amount of air constantly. This result is achieved thanks to the optimization of the surfaces of each air filter that Sprint Filter operates on each original air box. This results in the maximum achievable surface: more air, more power, more filtration.

Give yourself some air!

The passage of air compared to a standard filter is much higher, thanks to 2 fundamental factors: the filter material consists of a polyester structure and folds of the same highest filter. The total absence of oil on the filtering material allows a greater air intake with the same surface. All this leads to an increase in air flow of 25%

Cleaner air in your engine

The SPRINT FILTER P08 ensures a very high filtering power of 80 microns, holding 93.13% of the 100 micron particles against 76.42% of the 100 micron particles held by a cotton filter. Unlike an air filter made of cotton soaked in oil, the filtering power and the passage of air remain constant over time. The cotton air filter requires periodic re-oiling which does not guarantee the same filtering power and air flow as the Sprinter Filter P08.

A simple and fast maintenance

In just 2 minutes thanks to its almost indestructible structure, the P08 air filter can be washed with any detergent, blown with compressed air and reassembled immediately. It is not necessary to purchase any separate kit for washing and re-oiling.

The importance of materials.

The cotton filter consists of very thick yarns while the P08 polyester filter is made of much smaller yarns. Thanks to this it is possible a better filtration combined with an excellent air permeability. It is essential to say from the tests and observations of the Sprint Filter that the cotton fabric has achieved inconsistent results, due to the weak and mobile structure of the gauze, while the polyester filter P08 has obtained constant results over time.

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