Brembo Racing radial clutch pump kit with oil reservoir tank and bracket and DOT4 oil

Brembo Racing radial clutch pump kit with oil reservoir tank and bracket and DOT4 oil

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Brand: Brembo Racing

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Brembo 16RCS clutch pump system kit complete with reservoir and oil bracket

The complete Brembo clutch system kit consists of:

  • 16 RCS clutch master cylinder
  • Tank bracket
  • Clutch oil reservoir
  • Brake / clutch fluid oil DOT4

Brembo High Performance clutch master cylinders are built with cutting-edge procedures and processes, guaranteeing excellent operation and performance. Derived directly from the racing world, Brembo master cylinders are available in two versions, “Radial” and “Radial RCS”, easily applicable to all the most popular Japanese and European maxisport motorcycles.

Equipped with the RCS system, it consists of a register with which it is possible to change the lever distance to 18 or 20 mm, in order to achieve the ideal feeling between rider and motorcycle: by varying the wheelbase, in fact, it is possible to make the braking system more reactive and ready (int. 20) or more modular (int. 18).

The configuration change is very quick: just adjust the pump center distance by turning the adjuster located on the front of the guide lever by 180 degrees with a screwdriver, with the eccentric system (red on 18 mm, black on 20 mm): from this derives a different distribution of force without changing its modulation.

The piston, the gaskets and the tip of the RCS pumps are the same as the pumps used by almost all the MotoGP and SB riders, characterized by very low machining tolerances and excellent smoothness. The lever, on the other hand, is made up of two main components: the Racing Lever guide and the lever itself, articulated, made through forging.

Use the 16 clutch pump with Ducati Aprilia MV clutch systems in general Italian motorcycles

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