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BC Battery KIT 1 charger Duetto 1.5Amp for batteries lead/acid, lithium for batteries 12V

BC Battery KIT 1 charger Duetto 1.5Amp for batteries lead/acid, lithium for batteries 12V


EAN: 8059070583922

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Bc Battery charge maintainer

Product number: 700BCDUETTO

The BC Battery Controller battery chargers or maintainers are produced entirely in Italy. Safe for use they are made with the latest generation technology designed with battery recovery, battery recharge functionality. battery maintenance. Suitable for any type of vehicle, cars, motorcycles, scooters, boats, agricultural machinery. For the use of BC battery chargers it is not essential to disconnect the battery from the vehicle, they can be used in total safety as they are equipped with anti-spark and protection against polarity inversion, short circuit, overcharging, overheating of the battery and its charger. Furthermore, no loss or reduction of the electrolyte (Liquid) of the battery is guaranteed. This BC Battery charger is suitable for Acid/Lead batteries and lithium batteries.

Technical features:

  • Only suitable for batteries: Lead/Acid/Lithium
  • Battery capacity: 3 - 100 Ah
  • Maximum current: 1,5 Amp
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Accessories included: Eyelets and pliers
  • Totally made in Italy

Lead-Acid/Litihium 2 program charging algorithm:

The battery charger performs 8 charge cycles through an internal microprocessor that checks the battery status in real time - Battery and alternator test

  • Initialization: verification of the condition of the battery if recharging and / or recovery is possible, excluding short circuits between 1 or more battery cells
  • Recovery: Starting from 1.25V in extreme discharge conditions the system attempts to recover the battery
  • Light Charge: If the battery is very discharged the charger supplies it with very light pulsed current in order to overcome the critical phase
  • Bulk Charge: In this phase the battery can recover up to 90% of its capacity
  • Desulfation / Absorption: To recover the remaining capacity the device provides a controlled overload
  • Battery Analysis: The battery charger interrupts the power supply to check the maintenance charge, repeated phase at regular intervals
  • Maintenance: Thanks to the internal electronic circuit, the device maintains the battery charge during periods of inactivity
  • Equalization: Phase performed every 30 days to rebalance the battery cells in order to avoid electrolyte stratification phenomena

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