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EK 520 MVXZ Bleu Chain, 120 links, 520 size, MotoGP/SBK/SS/STK
Brand: EK

EK 520 MVXZ Bleu Chain, 120 links, 520 size, MotoGP/SBK/SS/STK

Code: BE520MVXZ2120

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MVX Series: Premium Quadra-X Ring Chains
We strongly recommend these Quadra-X Ring chains as the ideal replacement for the original equipment chain on your 600 to 1000cc sportbike. Features like solid bushings, lightening holes in the sideplates, large-diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings help ensure high-performance and durability. MVX chains are available in colors.
Recommended application: up to 1000cc/100hp for 520MVXZ; up to 1000cc/130hp for 525MVXZ; up to 1000cc/145hp for 530MVXZ
Available colors: gold, chrome, red, blue, green, yellow, purple; 530MVXZ also available in yellow
Tensile strength: 9000 lbs. for 520MVXZ; 9300 lbs. for 525MVXZ and 530MVXZ
Available lengths: Up to 120 links for 520MVXZ; up to 130 links for 525 and 530MVXZ
Zero Stretch Technology available as an option on all MVXZ chains.

IMPORTANT: EK recommends installation by a qualified motorcycle mechanic. Always replace with equivalent chain and correct master link as recommended in the manufacturer’s service or owner’s manual. Failure to install a replacement chain and master link equivalent to those of the motorcycle’s original equipment type, size and pitch can be dangerous and result in serious injury and property damage.

DETECTING A WORN OUT CHAIN: Rust, kinks, stiffness, excessive stretching (1.5% for non-sealed and 1.0% for sealed chain) and abnormal rattling noise are all signs of a worn out chain, which can break at any time. Replace immediately if any of these conditions are present. In the case where even one O-ring or Quadra-X Ring is missing or damaged, the entire chain should be replaced immediately.


1. Place your motorcycle on a center stand so the rear wheel can spin freely.

2. If the front sprocket is difficult to access, it will be easiest to use your old chain to route the new chain through and around the sprocket (fig. 1).

a. Using pliers, remove the master link and connect the new chain to the old chain. Pull through until the new chain reaches the rear sprocket.

b. Remove the old chain and connect both ends of the new chain using the new master link (fig. 2).

c. Make sure the closed end of the clip is facing the direction of rotation (fig. 3).

d. If installing an O-ring or Quadra-X Ring chain, be sure to slide the seal over the master link pins before installing the master link plate and clip.

e. EK recommends using a riveted-type master link for all street and dual-sport motorcycles, and EK’s clip-type as an alternative for off-road use. Try using EK’s patented screw-type master link, provides rivet-like fit and strength without special tools or removal of the rear wheel.

3. Standard chain adjustment for most street models is 1" to 1 3/8" (2.5 to 3.5cm) of slack. We strongly recommend checking chain slack every 300 to 350 miles (480 to 560km). Refer to your owner’s manual for proper adjustment specifications (fig. 4). Check adjustment marks on swingarm so both sides are adjusted equally.

CAUTION: If chain is not adjusted equally, the sprocket/wheel alignment will be off, causing chain to derail, possibly causing damage and/or injury.

MAINTENANCE: Lubricate your chain every 300 to 350 miles (480 to 560km) with a quality lubricant such as SAE 80-90 wt. motor oil or aerosol lubricant designed specifically for motorcycle chains. When operating in hot, dry and/or dusty conditions, you may need to lubricate more frequently. Apply a moderate amount so lubricant penetrates between pins, rollers and bushings (fig. 5).

CLEANING: Do not use harsh solvents or chemicals, such as gasoline or benzene. EK recommends using a biodegradable degreaser with a soft (non-wire) bristle brush or clean cloth for removing dirt. Use kerosene (paraffin oil) if necessary, let dry and lubricate immediately within 10 minutes.

CAUTION: Replace chain immediately in the event of contact with battery acid. Immediately clean chains that come in contact with rock salt or salt water. Always lubricate after cleaning (fig. 6).

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