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Steel rear sprocket PBR, size 520 teeth 47 for Yamaha TT600E (France) (4 Parastrappi) 96>01
Brand: PBR

Steel rear sprocket PBR, size 520 teeth 47 for Yamaha TT600E (France) (4 Parastrappi) 96>01

Code: 857 47 C45

EAN: 8056389168079

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Rear sprocket PBR steel made, size 520 - cod. 85747C45

What is a rear sprocket

Rear sprocket: It is the largest toothed wheel easily identifiable on the rear wheel of motorcycle, it's the rear sprocket to transmit movement. It consists of a variable tooth depending on brand and model of the bike. Made of steel (stronger but heavier) or Alu (lighter but more consumable).

The PBR company

In the production of transmission gears: chains, front and rear sprocket, PBR is a leader in the industry at international level. The components are totally produced in Italy. Competence, reliability and durability have made the PBR products among the most popular in the motorcycle industry, private and sporty. Years of research into techniques and materials, the work of skilled craftsmen and the use of industrial technologies for CNC machining bring the PBR components to an exclusive level.

In general

The motorcycles transmission in general is the set of components that have the purpose of transferring the power generated from engine to wheel. It is a mechanical system subjected to great stress and wear, for this reason it is advisable to replace it at intervals of approx 20.000 Km. or when visually the components are ruined due to poor maintenance. 

Suitable for:

Yamaha TT 350/500/600
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