Interchangeable Discacciati OEM disc diameter 300mm black for Harley Davidson dyna/road king

Interchangeable Discacciati OEM disc diameter 300mm black for Harley Davidson dyna/road king

Code: FDHD2007NF

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Brake discs Discacciati

Floating brake disc - code:FDHD2007NF - Diameter:300mm

Discacciati floating brake discs are designed and built to increase the torque of the motorcycle braking system. Strength of these discs is the resistance to stress caused by the friction of the brake pad pushed by the caliper pistons with the consequent dispersion of heat during the release phase, especially in the most extreme uses of the bike, obtaining better results in terms of vehicle driveability thanks to a greater readiness during braking and a lower weight of the disc, as a consequence of the entire front end.

The exceptional thermal dispersion ensures constant braking power in all conditions of use. The discs consist of a braking strip made from laser-cut and hardened AISI420 steel plates, they are present on the hole surface of the holes to allow a better cooling of the component.
The hub is made from solid 7075 Ergal, machined with highly technological machinery, numerically controlled (CNC) and anodized with red or black colors.
10 aluminum ratchets treated with hard oxidation and mounted free allow the expansion of materials, leaving the disk flotation intact, thus reducing stress and consumption. Static and dynamic tests complete the Discacciati brake disc processing. A product of absolute excellence. Finally, the refined construction accuracy and the modern and captivating design make Discacciati discs one of the most performing and beautiful products you could wish for your bike.

Discacciati: An all-Italian story

For over 25 years the name Discacciati is linked to the highest motorcycle racing championships. Enrico Discacciati technician of Kenny Roberts with the experience gained in the racing world creates the DIscacciati Brake System, imposing itself almost immediately on the market by providing facilities to teams and riders involved in the MotoGp championships, SBK, SuperSport, SuperStock, SuperMotard ecc. The high constructive care of the company to meet the needs of the pilots and customers has led to an expansion of the product line that nowadays; extended to platforms, plates and accessories, all strictly Made in Italy.

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