Brembo Racing CNC P4 30/34 108mm Pitch Radial Calipers (SX+DX) with Brake Pads

Brembo Racing CNC P4 30/34 108mm Pitch Radial Calipers (SX+DX) with Brake Pads

Code: 220A01610

Brand: Brembo Racing

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CNC P4 30/34 PAIR OF CLAMPS 220A01610

These front brake calipers are able to offer the highest performance combined with exceptional reliability. The caliper body, made entirely from solid, consists of two mechanically connected pieces and 4 differentiated diameter pistons, 30mm and 34 mm, which further increase the characteristics of power and modulation of braking.
The surface treatment of anodization makes it particularly resistant and able to maintain its characteristic racing look unchanged over time.
The power and precision of MotoGP
Brembo High Performance brake calipers combine unrivalled stability with MotoGP levels of braking performance. Manufactured using specific technologies for each model, these calipers are extremely stiff under stress, ensuring precise and consistent braking performance.
The Brembo High Performance range offers the most discerning motorcyclists a choice of three front caliper lines (two-piece billet components, monoblock components and monoblock billet components) and one rear caliper line to cater fully for even the most extreme requisites.
All High Performance calipers are interchangeable with the fork mounts of the most popular European and Japanese hypersports models and fully compatible with original equipment discs as well as Brembo Supersport and T-Drive discs.
CNC P4.30/34 line
This line consists of two-piece calipers machined from billet metal with radial mounts that are interchangeable with the standard radial fork mounts on European (100 mm mount) and Japanese (108 mm mount) hypersports models.
The entire caliper body is machined from solid billet metal and consists of two mechanically assembled parts. Brembo's engineers focused particularly on maximising braking power and stiffness by using racing technology.

The product, supplied in kit form, comes complete with sintered brake pads - the state of the art in braking technology currently available on the market. The kit also contains an instruction manual, a set of Brembo decals and a set of extremely useful thermochromic stickers, which are used in racing to monitor caliper operating temperatures and are a testimony to the true racing character of the product. The hydraulic system has been painstakingly optimised, and the use of differentiated 30/34 mm diameter pistons has further increased the already renowned power and controllability of Brembo calipers. 

Position Front
Caliper Body 2 PIECES
Ø Pistons mm 30-34
Pistons Q.ty 4
Disc height mm 32-34
Material Billet aluminium
Surface protection Hard anodized
Piston material Aluminium
Weight w/o pads (gr) 780
Mounted pads included yes
Offset (mm) 22,5
Note 2 calipers kit


Do you need spacers?

On this table you will find the spacers for your bike. Where your bike is in the following table, just click on the spacer code to be sent back to the selected spacer.


HONDA SPACER CODE H. spacer H. screw
CBR 600 RR '05-16 105998709 - 60mm
CB 1000 R '08-17 105998709 - 60mm
CBR 1000 RR '04-'05 105998709 - 60mm
CBR 1000 RR '06-'07 105998709 - 60mm
CBR 1000 RR '08-'16 105998709 - 60mm
CBR 1000 RR SP '14-'16 105998709 - 60mm
KAWASAKI SPACER CODE  H. spacer   H. screw
ZX 6 R '05-16  220A02411 5mm  60mm
 ZX 10 R '04-'07 220A02411 5mm  60mm
ZX 10 R '08-'10  220A06127 13mm  70mm
ZX 10 R '11-'15 (+ ABS)  220A06127 13mm  70mm
SUZUKI SPACER CODE H. spacer  H. screw 
GSX R 600/750 '04-'05  220A02411 5mm  60mm
 GSX R 600/750 '06-'07 220A06127 13mm  70mm
GSX R 600/750 '08-16  220A06127 13mm  70mm
 GSX R 1000 '03-'04 220A02411 5mm  60mm
GSX R 1000 '05-'08  220A06127 13mm  70mm
GSX R 1000 '09-'16  220A02431 15mm  70mm
GSX R 1000/GSX R 1000 R '17 ->  220A02431 15mm 70mm
GSX R 1300 Hayabusa '08-'11  220A02431 15mm  70mm
TRIUMPH  SPACER CODE   H. spacer H. screw
 Daytona 675 '09-'12 220A02425 12mm  70mm
Speed Triple 1050 '05-'07  220A06127 13mm  70mm
YAMAHA  SPACER CODE  H. spacer H. screw
YZF R6 '05-'16  220A06125  12mm 70mm
YZF R6 '17->  220A06125  12mm 70mm
YZF R1 '04-'06  220A06125  12mm 70mm
YZF R1, R1 M '15->  220A06125  12mm 70mm 


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