Bazzaz Z-Fi TC ECU fuel control unit, quick shifter, traction control TCS Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja 07>08

Bazzaz Z-Fi TC ECU fuel control unit, quick shifter, traction control TCS Kawasaki ZX6R Ninja 07>08

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Brand: Bazzaz

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Bazzaz Z-Fi TC ECU control unit

Fuel Map  + Traction Control (TCS) + Quick shift

Bazzaz, the world leader in the creation of additional control units, has created the Z-Fi control unit. This control unit stands out from the rest of the products currently on the market.

Unlike competing products, for the first time an additional control unit is able to handle, through an additional module, the injectors both high and low, this results in an excellent performance of any motion at low, medium, and high ranges, ensuring greater delivery linearity and the attenuation / disappearance of the tedious On / Off effect. Thus obtaining significant increases in torque and power.

Bazzaz is Plug&Play!

The additional Bazzaz control unit is Plug & Play, which is specifically designed for every motorcycle model, to ensure complete compatibility with the Piggy-back mount on the serial controller.Each control unit is sold with pre-programming for original exhaust system or alternatively racing.

Bazzaz is configurable!

The mapping of the control unit is programmed to:

-       12 intervention levels, depending on the percentage of throttle opening

-       36 levels for the engine speed, jumps to 500 rpm, from 0 rpm to the limiter, so with a very wide range of intervention and without limitation, all this translates into a mapping curve of 432 most effective intervention points.

Bazzaz it was born to last in time!

Each unit includes wiring. The diameter of the cables is the largest currently in the market and is water-proof to minimize current dispersion and increase signal precision. For the assembly, the control unit uses connectors (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer), equal to the originals, to facilitate the installation and make the unit extremely reliable in any condition of use (Water, vibration ecc.).

Bazzaz is customizable!

The multi-interface wiring of the additional control unit Bazzaz interacts with speed sensors, neutral, engine speeds, crankshaft position, position of throttle opening and other sensors depending on need and cases, performing simultaneous readings for road and race use.

Bazzaz is modular!

An external switch can be configured (Optional) for a second useful map to customize the bike (es. Use of the ECU map with and without db-killer).

Z-Afm modul (Optional), auto fuel mapping, necessary for the automatic configuration of the control unit.

Description and general features:

  • The world's first control unit to handle 8 injectors in one module
  • Mapping on 432 points of intervention
  • Variation of mapping for single gear and cylinders
  • Store 2 maps (Through the optional handlebar switch)
  • Auto mapping with Z-AFM module (Optional)
  • Provided with usb cable and software for programming.

Traction control and quick shift combine with the power of the Bazzaz control unit

BAZZAZ combines the power of its Z-Fi unit, combining in ZF-TC traction control and the quick shift.

From races with passion!

Bazzaz makes everyone's technology accessible to professional competitions. Hours and hours of tuning and track tests to refine this complex technology in a simple and intuitive interface.

Bazzaz is easy!

The Z-Fi-TC does not require the installation of additional sensors and is completely legal in most sports competitions.

Bazzaz is safety!

Traction control makes driving more effective and safe by checking in real time that the rear wheel always tracts, the TC control unit reads the position of the throttle position processing various parameters from different sensors: engine speeds, gear etc., adjusting on the basis of these inputs traction control, effective and customizable.

The choice is yours!

The Traction Control software operates on 11 different adjustable real-time positions also via a trimmer to the handlebars (Optional). You can then set the sensitivity of the sensor and decide for more or less invasive interventions of traction control on driving of the motorcycle. For non-assisted driving, however, it is possible to turn the TC off in the off position, always from the handlebar. While the software allows you to completely customize traction control mapping for newbies, or for more experienced riders, even gear by gear.

Elettronic is better!

The Z-Fi TC control unit is equipped with the quick shifter! You can finally select the gear without acting on the clutch lever while keeping the gas command open! Imagine in full acceleration left foot up, the lever rises, a dry shot, and gear engaged without any loss of time (0 to 125 ms). With the Bazzaz quick shift you can improve your time on the track!


A bit of technique!

The US-defined quick shift also clutch less, without clutch , is now a mandatory object for maximum performance, and thanks to the new USS 861 Strain Gauge sensor, which works both in push compression and traction to pull, the Bazzaz quick shift is at the forefront of undisputed technology and market leader. Bazzaz has developed the new sensor making the gearshift faster and more precise, and now has even an adjustment on the sensor to increase or decrease sensitivity. To complete the specific linkages are also provided for each motorbike, threaded rods and nuts.  Through the simple Bazzaz software,  the sensor is totally customizable on the "Speed Range" (Gear by gear) and in the current cutting times in a range of 0 to 125 milliseconds (With 5ms intervals).
Another important novelty is that the control unit, recognizing the gear engaged, does not make the cut in sixth gear avoiding leakage of time, decrease of engine revolutions and preserving the motor itself by broken.

Plug&Play is easy!

The Injection Module wiring and also the Traction Control and Quick Shift are innovative and sophisticated by running the first on all 8 injectors and the second on all four coils (or differently on three / two cylinders for Triumph / Ducati or other specific bikes bicylindrical and tricylindric).

Being easy to assemble and specific for each type of motorcycle, with the use of original OEM connectors is not necessary to cut any original cable of the bike, in fact it is completely specific.

The kit is complete with all the necessary and comes complete with control unit, wiring, shift sensor and rods kit and USB cable for connection.

General features description:

  • Functionality of the Z-Fi ECU
  • QS electronic gearbox functionality
  • Traction control TC functionality
  • Increased torque and power
  • Easy driving and feeling with the bike
  • Dry and wet safety
  • Totally customizable mapping
  • homogeneous consumption of tires
  • Absence of illegal sensors in competition


Suitable for:

Kawasaki ZX 6 R Ninja 07-08
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