Aim Solo DL kit OBDII K Line/CAN - Digital GPS Lap Timer & Datalogger with ECU Connection

Aim Solo DL kit OBDII K Line/CAN - Digital GPS Lap Timer & Datalogger with ECU Connection


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Is there more?
An elder brother,
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Additional features: with an easy connection, it can read all data coming from your Engine Control Unit. Two systems, same logic: maximum amount of information with minimum effort. 
The ECU connection is really very simple, and the information available is very useful.

Many Lap Time Choices:
 Rolling Lap Time
 Static Lap Time
 Predictive Lap Time (screenshot 1), as a calculated lap time during your current lap
 Predictive Lap Time (screenshot 2), as a difference between the calculated current lap time and your best lap
 The BEST Lap Time is shown too.

 Solo includes a list of the world’s main tracks coordinates.
At power up, Solo understands its GPS position, loads track coordinates and is ready to sample all types of Lap Times.
In case the track was not included in the list, it is possible to define the new coordinates even on track:
Or, using our software GPS Manager, also by computer before going to the track.
Solo manages Lap Times either in circuits and in Point to Point tracks:

Automatic start & stop. Solo manages the following races:

A test summary is automatically shown at the end of each session:

Solo comes with a flat metal bracket and screws that take advantage of the magnets placed on the product rear. If you require a different installation, i.e. on the car front glass, optional supports are available.
Images below show Solo installed using the suction cup bracket in addition to the metal standard one.
Here below you can see the connection between Solo and the car lighter socket:

Many configurable pages. Up to four info on the same page:
1 field display
2 fields display
3 fields display
4 fields display

 Race Studio 2 Analysis software allows you to view
and analyse the data stored in Solo using different graphs and the GPS images also.
At left an example of Race Studio 2 Analysis view.

Suitable for:

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