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Radial clutch master cylinder Accossato Black Edition PRS 16x15-16-17 folding long red lever RST
Brand: Accossato

Radial clutch master cylinder Accossato Black Edition PRS 16x15-16-17 folding long red lever RST

Code: CL024R-L-PRS-RST

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CLutch master cylinder Accossato Black edition

Code: CL024


  • Lever color: red
  • Lever type: long 17cm
  • folding lever
  • RST

The system is equipped with RST lever with hole for air flow. The forged aluminum swivel lever is a patent of Accossato. The joint located at the center of the brake lever or clutch lever protects it from breakage in the event of a fall and allows the restoration of the same with a simple gesture. The lever is built in 2 separate parts that are then joined, in the center there is a spring and a sphere and fixed by a pin to complete the joint. In the event of a fall, the lever can be repositioned to its original position.

Accossato with its accessories and spare parts think of all those riders who want to change their bike look, or to motorcyclists who have damaged or broken the original lever of their bike. The Accossato clutch levers and clutch levers are produced in the best materials using computerized numerical control (CNC) and painted with a hard oxide coating for excellent durability. Available in various models and different colors.

The system is equipped with RST lever: it is a special lever with hole for air passage.

Superbike, Moto 2, Moto 3, and AMA Superbike have already chosen the Accossato motorcycle clutch master cylinder. The clutch master cylinder Accossato it is characterized by a strong and powerful braking, and a reduced passive stroke, not neglecting the aspect of the modulability.

A clutch master cylinder for motorbikes without compromise, from immediate feeling, result achieved thanks to the increasingly precise processing by CNC machines and to the reduction of the tolerances in the mechanics and in the couplings of the different components of the clutch master cylinder.

The Made in Italy typical of every ACCOSSATO product presents a product from unique functional and aesthetic features, such as screws and pins completely in steel machined from solid with CNC machines, the support and fixation jumper made of specially offset axis to reduce the movements of the master cylinder during the braking phase. Nothing is left to chance, even the smallest seals, arestudied and designed to make the most and in the best possible way , they are in fact made with a mixture of materials from the world of Formula 1 and thanks to the use of quality DOT 4 clutch oil, they guarantee a longer life, in fact, no ordinary maintenance is required.

Accossato produces 2 types of clutch master cylinders, forged from molten aluminum, or obtained from a single block of aluminum through a computerized processing with CNC machines highly specialized and accurate. The colors are made with hard oxide for maximum protection of the master cylinder body throughout its life.The clutch master cylinder are then subjected to strict controls to certify their invoice status, so as to have a product with excellent characteristics.

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