Among the various protections in the catalog in order to protect the frame and engine and hull, definitely GBRacing is a world leader.GBRacing recommends using LONG GLASS fibre nylon 6.6 based materials across its range of products.You can clearly see from the pellet comparison picture on the left, that the smaller pellets of short glass fibered nylon materials, are 4 to 5 times shorter than the larger LONG GLASS fibred nylon pellets. The grade of material that we commonly use is LGFN 60%. pellets.jpg After processing the Long glass fibres are 10-20 times greater in length than conventional short glass fibres, providing: Greater than 100% improved impact resistance at any temperature, plus high stiffness; Outstanding fatigue performance; Low warpage and good dimensional stability. The long fibres absorb more energy before and after fracture initiates. Fracture crack lines are forced around the fibre ends, resulting in a limited fracture area. Injection moulded products offer additional built in strength and flexibility compared to conventional machined plastics. Not only are the Long Glass Nylon 6.6 compounds used for exceptional impact resistance but are tailored to satisfy the need for light but durable die-cast metal replacement materials. They offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to Carbon fibre products. The current world shortage of carbon fibre has resulted in very high raw material costs, and carbon fibre products are extremely labour intensive to manufacture. Our choice of engineering materials are based upon our experience and chart statistics as shown below. The products GBRacing, being the only ones with FIM homologation (World Motorcycle Federation) are officially used by all teams in the World Super Sport Super Stock and Superbike championships and BSBK, AMA, TT Trophy. Available for: Aprilia, Bimota, BMW, Ducati, EBR, Honda, Kawsaki, KTM, Moto2, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha.

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