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Pair of carbon fiber wheels BST Black Star 3.5x17" & 4.5x17" for Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa 2008>2012

Pair of carbon fiber wheels BST Black Star 3.5x17" & 4.5x17" for Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa 2008>2012

Code: BS-SUZ-GSXR1300

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Carbon fiber wheels BST Black Star 5 spoke

Carbon wheels dimension:

  • Front wheel dimensions: 3.5x17"
  • Rear wheel dimensions: 4.5x17"

ATTENTION: For road use and the consequent maintenance of the homologation, buy only rims with dimensions equal to those shown in the motorbike documents.

The BST wheels are all certified and approved: TUV / ISO / JWL

Each wheel is available in different finishes and colors: Glossy, matte, satin, blue, red, green, gold.

BST Black Stone Tek is a company specialized in the construction of second generation carbon fiber motorbike wheels. The BST rims are built without the need for assembly and gluing, they are monocoque carbon wheels, made with building procedures typical of the aeronautical sector. Manufacturing and quality control are the same applied to the aerospace industry.A carbon fiber rim over the notable weight savings, allows for the reduction of the moment of inertia ensuring an incredible improvement in performance both on the road and on the track. The replacement of the original motorcycle rims with a pair of BST rims is an extremely simple job that requires very little time, giving however a huge improvement in terms of performance, comfort and safety.

The advantages of a BST wheels

Numerous trials and experience gained on 1000 cc sports bikes have brought to light 10/15 hp increments of the driving power with the installation of the BST wheels, or even a lightening of the load of about 40 kg given by the ratio 1: 1: 8 which considers every kg of weight removed from the unsprunged masses a lightening of 8 kg of the total weight of the vehicle. All this translates into lightening and an increased handling of the bike, consequently, less effort for the pilot and improvement of safety and attention to driving. Proportionally, the effect obtained from these improvements is that of acquiring with a displacement of 1000 the handling of a 600 cc and with the latter the handling of a 250 cc. to the point that many pilots testify to do with a 600cc game equal to a 1000 cc equipped with alloy wheels. It is unequivocal on the part of those who have been able to test the BST rims the conclusion that they are a new pleasure to ride the bike, with unsuspected performance possibilities on the track and road behavior that allow you to travel in a much safer, more pleasant and relaxing way.

The robustness of carbon fiber

The BST carbon wheels are very strong, therefore less sensitive to the impacts of any light alloy rim, guaranteed two years on the road and circuit, for pieces and manpower, even on the track and competition, they have no expiration date and have brilliantly passed, in many countries, any test certificate of resistance, fatigue and durability. The BST carbon rims reveal their "robust nature" in energy absorption tests, where a BST rim withstands a load of up to 10,000 Newton.

Even more MotoGp performance

Consult the printout of the mass and inertia values of the BST road rims, compared this time with competition magnesium rims, forged, 10 spokes, developed and used exclusively in MotoGP. The printout refers to tests carried out at an independent Certification Laboratory, on forged magnesium rims in a lightened MotoGP version called "Evoluzione", compared to interchangeable BST wheels that retain the same carbon monocoque of road rims, ie designed and certified for bikes up to 280 kg. dry weight. Compared to the rims of a forged magnesium MotoGP, the BST road rims offer a 12.3% decrease in unsprung weight, that is, less than 757 grams. While this data may seem ridiculous to the reader not attentive, the decrease in the inertia offered by the BST always arrives at minus 25% on the front wheel and at less 28.2% on the rear. The decrease in the inertia offered by the BST road rims remains therefore impressive even in the case of direct comparison with the best of light alloy racing wheels, those in forged magnesium. This depends on the fact that the rotation of the mass of the channel produces up to 90% of the inertial forces, while the remainder comes from the rotation of the spokes and the hub.

The right conclusion

At this point it is easy to understand that (replacing the metal part of the wheel, the channel and the spokes, with a composite material that combines very high mechanical strength values with a specific weight slightly higher than the unit) BST Carbon Fiber wheels I'm able to:

  • offer weight savings
  • a mass decrease of 41.4% (equal to minus 5080 grams)
  • decrease in inertia minus 54.8% for the front rim 
  • minus 65.5% of inertia for the rear rim.

Each BST wheels is like a work of art, a unique piece with serial numbering and specific characteristics. Industrial traceability is guaranteed for a period of 20 years, as is the case in the aerospace sector for special components for critical use.

Suitable for:

Suzuki GSX R 1300 Hayabusa 08-12
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