Frentubo brake hose aeronautical braided type 2 in steel for Honda CB600F HORNET ABS 2007>2013

Frentubo brake hose aeronautical braided type 2 in steel for Honda CB600F HORNET ABS 2007>2013

Code: 152172-2

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Brake hoses kit for motorcycles Type: 2

cod. 152172-2

Number of tubes in the package: 7

The kit is complete with reinforced teflon steel tube with BLUE coating and sheath, fittings and pins in blue ergal (unless otherwise specified).

Type 2: Steel hoses with ergal fittings.

Choise Fren tubo

Fren tube is preceded by its reputation in the motorcycle industry. It supplies its products to top-level teams in the motorsport championships and is chosen by the biggest motorcycle manufacturers for the original equipment. There is no reason to choose other brands. Frentubo brake hoses are 100% made in Italy.

The importance of a "shaped" brake hose

During braking, the brake pumps force the brake fluid with force, causing a sudden increase in pressure inside the tube structure, this action brings the brake hoses to expand and swell causing the boring "lung effect" which decreases the power and modulation of the braking. Frentubo has designed its brake tubes to minimize this effect using the best available technologies. The internal piping is made of PTFE (Teflon), heat-resistant and non-hygroscopic, acting as a barrier against the absorption of moisture by the dot 4 or super dot 4 brake fluid. The external wall of the tube is structured in stainless steel braid. All this translates into increased efficiency and reliability of braking.

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Quality and commitment for your bike

Each kit is subjected to high pressure tests by the Fren Tubo before being marketed and being made to measure for the customer, Please wait 4-7 working days for manufacturing and testing.


What the KIT includes

The Brake Hoses Kit is complete with all the gasket bolts and accessories for assembly and includes both the front pipes and fittings and the rear ones always complete with fittings, bolts and gaskets. TUV and DOT certificates. The package includes the necessary for assembly and, where necessary, instructions for installation. The standard tube is BLUE but may be required covered in the following colors:

  • Grey
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Orange

The fittings are in BLUE color, if there are no specific indications, the kit is shipped with the original front brake master cylinder, with a BLUE colored fitting and with transparent coating as in the picture, the specifications must be sent when ordering, no changes are sent sent later.

Technical specifications:

  • Stainless steel braided hose with outer sheath and steel fittings with ZINC NICKEL treatment (DIN 50021-s standard: 480 hours without the appearance of red rust).
  • Complies with FMVSS 106 standards. 
  • Minimum bursting pressure: 827 bar.

Attention: In the event that your motorcycle is fitted with Brembo or Accossato aftermarket radial pumps, it must be indicated in the order notes.

We recommend the use of high quality dot 4 brake fluid such as Brembo, Castrol, Motul verifying the integrity of the bottle seal due to the high hygroscopic power of the brake fluid (Tendency to absorb moisture)that would infect the properties for which it is designed. Dot 5 or Dot 5.1 fluids are not recommended, even if perfectly compatible with Frentubo they are incompatible with the gaskets of most of the brake pumps.

Suitable for:

Honda Hornet 600 07-10
Honda Hornet 600 /ABS 11-
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