F.Fabbri Gen-X Touring Dark Smoke Front Fairing Windscreen Yamaha MT09 2013 13>

F.Fabbri Gen-X Touring Dark Smoke Front Fairing Windscreen Yamaha MT09 2013 13>

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All products F. Fabbri and Gen-X (about 400 different models of scooters and 200 motorcycles) are created using modern technology combined with the craftsmanship to have a product with high quality, adapted to their requirements, protective or aesthetic needs of each user.

A new range of high-quality racing motorcycle accessories designed and manufactured using sophisticated avantguard technology.

The GEN-X accessory line has been developed by exploiting the vast experience of F.Fabbri team of designers technicians on motor racing circuits and by benefiting from the research in the production techniques of light alloys and composite materials. GEN-X’s aim is to guarantee top comfort and riding safety, by exploiting the best that the market of raw materials and production techniques has to offer, building a true alliance between design and style.

Its aerodynamics, style, composite materials, the use of satin finished stainless steel, carbon and light alloys in the fastening systems, customised finishes and colours, selection of models, simple assembly, riding comfort and safety are the basics features of the GEN-X windshields.

Our aim is to provide bikers with the broadest customisation opportunities and to guarantee two windshield solutions for every vehicle; one with sporty and aggressive lines and the other with a more protective yet dynamic style. The GEN-X windshields come in different colour combinations and coating finishes.

100% Made in Italy.

Suitable for:

Yamaha MT-09 / FZ-09 13-16
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