Bazzaz Z-AFM

Z-AFM Self mapper The optional Z-AFM kit consists of a lambda sensor for the air / fuel mixture and in a control unit which is linkable with all the products Z-Fi, and allows the self-mapping of the motorcycle. Quickly build custom fuel maps while riding. Collects data to adjust AFR for best performance for your specific bike. Your model, year, exhaust, filter, fuel type, engine wear, modifications, temperature, pressure, humidity... Now you can easily tune for all your specifics. The Z-AFM offers a revolutionary new level of fuel tuning by simply gathering data while riding and then processing the data into a custom-built, race-level fuel map. Use technology. Not guesswork. Benefits Wakes up performance with a pro-race level, immediate tune Crisp and responsive throttle Smooths out throttle transitions HP and torque gains How it Works Uses oxygen sensor mounted in the exhaust to determine air / fuel ratio (AFR) Collects data while riding to adjust AFR for your specific bike Plugs in with USB cord to retrieve and apply data in a few easy mouse clicks Who needs it? Competitive riders who want their bike perfectly tuned for any track, any fuel, any mods Performance riders who want to keep their bike tuned simply for seasonal atmospheric and fuel changes Tuners who want to make dyno use quick and easy

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