Carbon Fiber Parts

Omnia Racing, always retailer and distributor of accessories and parts in carbon fiber, is aimed at customers looking for a supreme quality for his bike. We market companies that have developed a monitoring system of the unique production, ensuring high-quality control protocols and therefore excellent product finishing. Look perfect, precise installation, outstanding performance and excellent quality, from world leaders in the production of components made of carbon fiber high-end, both as original parts (OEM) and aftermarket. All phases of the production process are made to perfection: from cutting the fabric to the final painting, that you can have both in glossy and matt and with anti-UV that allows durability and long-lived brilliance. The main brands marketed we FullSix using technology Autoclave Composite Monocoque Technology ACM (ACM), obtained vacuum and with the best raw materials in the world. Even Carbonin is part of our suppliers that produces parts for motorcycles made by laminating carbon fiber and Kevlar-impregnated with epoxy resin to form a highly resistant material and polished.

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