Brembo LA - Sintered front brake pads for Honda Hornet 600 1998>2006

Brembo LA - Sintered front brake pads for Honda Hornet 600 1998>2006

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Your bike deserves Brembo pads

Brembo is synonymous with quality for its brake disks and pads. Each braking system deserves care and quality to ensure perfect operation and braking optimum in any driving condition.

Important: Each pack is comprised of 2 pads for 1 calipers, for bikes with two front disks it is necessary to order 2 packs.

Sintered Pads Brembo SA

Increase the performance of your brakes

The Brembo motorcycle brake pads offer the best performance, homogeneous and sparing consumption, great braking comfort and a long service life.

A braking system with big numbers

They are available in over 6,000 applications, with many varieties of specific mixes for each type of use: organic, sintered and carbon-ceramic.

We have it for all tastes

With Brembo pads if your need is competition, road, city or off road you will find what you are looking for!

Brembo LA better than the original

The LA pads are of the sintered type, the application is to the front brake calipers, which are very effective in all conditions of use, both hot and cold. It is the perfect alternative to the original brake pads.

Pay attention to the savings

The compound of the Brembo La sintering pad has a low wear, so as to guarantee an adequate duration and mileage, a brake pad with an unparalleled price / quality ratio.

A brake system at the TOP

We recommend the combined Brembo brake discs Brembo calipers + Brembo pads for your bike for an exclusive braking system! Omnia Racing is the official BREMBO and BREMBO RACING Dealer, we sell exclusively original BREMBO products. Beware of products commercially branded Brembo too cheap, warning of imitations.

What are sintered materials?

They are composed of metal powders, with additives of lubricants and abrasives which are agglomerated together through a process with high pressure and temperatures. The compound is fixed to the metal support of the desired shape during the sintering process without the addition of any adhesive. Metallic powders determine how much the pad fades and how stable it is at high temperatures; the lubricants contribute to the overall braking stability, the abrasives keep the disks clean.

The importance of initial use Brembo brake pads

This is a particularly important procedure for all compounds, and crucial for the RC compound. The pads are bedded in by applying the brakes lightly several times, leaving a pause between one squeeze and the next. This will produce the correct heating and cooling cycle needed to prepare the system. The duration of the bedding-in period depends on the type of compound: generally longer for organic compounds than for sintered. Performance-wise, the two compounds differ significantly, as reflected in the following parameters: Efficiency (how well the pad bites): this is an expression f average friction coefficient, and stability of frictional contact, measured against the main physical quantities by which braking is defined (speed, deceleration, temperature). It is determined via tests conducted on the bench, and on the vehicle. Wear: this indicates the amount of friction material removed (expressed as mm thickness, or by volume) per number of brake applications (bench test) or number of km covered (vehicle). The functional differences between the various compounds are represented by the curves in the graphs that will follow, which illustrate friction coefficient versus operating temperature: it will be seen that the RC compound (Racing organic) for which temperatures of 350 – 450°C can be considered as reflecting normal operating conditions, has a very high friction coefficient when hot, where as road type compounds like the SA (sintered, for road use) are designed to perform best at medium/low temperatures, typically around 300 °C.This means that if SA type pads were to be used on the track, and therefore overstressed, the brakes would inevitably fade (degradation of the friction coefficient): in effect, beyond a certain temperature, the pads will lose efficiency. Conversely, if Racing compounds are used on the road (with much colder discs), they will give less bite, and braking distances could be somewhat longer. Intermediate compounds, self-evidently, represent a compromise between the two basic types and will provide good overall performance in most conditions, albeit with less brilliance at the opposite extremes of the operating temperature range.

We are Brembo and Brembo racing dealers also find the brake discs suitable for your bike

Important: Each pack is comprised of 2 pads for 1 calipers, for bikes with two front disks it is necessary to order 2 packs.

Suitable for:

Honda Hornet 600 05-06
Honda Hornet 600 98-99
Honda Hornet 600 03-04
Honda Hornet 600 00-02
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