Bazzaz ZFi Fuel & Air control unit management module ECU for Honda Monkey 125 2019>

Bazzaz ZFi Fuel & Air control unit management module ECU for Honda Monkey 125 2019>

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Air/fuel mixture management with Bazzaz Z-Fi

Bazzaz, the world leader in the creation of additional control units, has created the Z-Fi control unit. This control unit stands out from the rest of the products currently on the market.


Unlike competing products, for the first time an additional control unit is able to handle, through an additional module, the injectors both high and low, this results in an excellent performance of any motion at low, medium, and high ranges, ensuring greater delivery linearity and the attenuation / disappearance of the tedious On / Off effect. Thus obtaining significant increases in torque and power.

Bazzaz is Plug&Play!

The additional Bazzaz control unit is Plug & Play, which is specifically designed for every motorcycle model, to ensure complete compatibility with the Piggy-back mount on the serial controller.Each control unit is sold with pre-programming for original exhaust system or alternatively racing.

Bazzaz is configurable!

The mapping of the control unit is programmed to:

-       12 intervention levels, depending on the percentage of throttle opening


-       36 levels for the engine speed, jumps to 500 rpm, from 0 rpm to the limiter, so with a very wide range of intervention and without limitation, all this translates into a mapping curve of 432 most effective intervention points.


Bazzaz it was born to last in time!

Each unit includes wiring. The diameter of the cables is the largest currently in the market and is water-proof to minimize current dispersion and increase signal precision. For the assembly, the control unit uses connectors (OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer), equal to the originals, to facilitate the installation and make the unit extremely reliable in any condition of use (Water, vibration ecc.).

Bazzaz is customizable!

The multi-interface wiring of the additional control unit Bazzaz interacts with speed sensors, neutral, engine speeds, crankshaft position, position of throttle opening and other sensors depending on need and cases, performing simultaneous readings for road and race use.

Bazzaz is modular!

An external switch can be configured (Optional) for a second useful map to customize the bike (es. Use of the ECU map with and without db-killer).

Z-Afm modul (Optional), auto fuel mapping, necessary for the automatic configuration of the control unit.

Description and general features:


  • The world's first control unit to handle 8 injectors in one module
  • Mapping on 432 points of intervention
  • Variation of mapping for single gear and cylinders
  • Store 2 maps (Through the optional handlebar switch)
  • Auto mapping with Z-AFM module (Optional)
  • Provided with usb cable and software for programming
  • Improve performance
  • Improve driving ability

Suitable for:

Honda Monkey 125 19-
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