Bazzaz S125LC Load Control Extended Base - Banco Prova / Dinamometro per Moto

Bazzaz S125LC Load Control Extended Base - Banco Prova / Dinamometro per Moto

Codice: S125-LCE

16% SCONTO RISPARMI 5.367,22€
Prezzo 33.545,12€ 28.177,90 * IVA INCLUSA & Spedizione GRATUITA in Italia
Disponibile in 5-10 giorni lavorativi
* I clienti che acquistano da paesi Extra UE non pagano l'iva (pagheranno l'iva del proprio paese alla ricezione merce a secondo della tassazione locale)
The S125LC with eddy brake is our main motorcycle dynamometer with its maximum power measured at 600 HP.

*In addition to standard hardware, Package includes:
Gas analyzer, Gas-assisted loading ramp, twin cooling fans, keyboard monitor arm, auto climate monitor.

Vehicle Type: Motorcycle
Loading Type: Inertia & Eddy Brake

Max Power (dynamic): 600 HP
Max Power (static): 270 HP
Max Torque: 500 ftlb
Max Rear Wheel Speed: 200mph

Modeled Mass: 604 lb (274kg)
Drive Roller Diameter: 17.83" (45.3cm)
Drive Roller Width: 17.71" (45cm)
Drive Roller Inertia: 14.0 kg/m2
Drive Roller Surface: Knurled (anti-corrosion zinc)

Max Vehicle Length: 94.33" (239.6cm)
Min Vehicle Length: 47.48" (120.6cm)

Length (w/out ramp): 106.46" (270.4cm)
Width: 70.79" (179.8cm)
Height (deck): 17.68" (44.9cm)
Height (overall): 34.8" (88.4cm)
Weight (approximate, uncrated): 2750lb (1250kg)

Timing Accuracy: 50 nanoseconds
Speed Accuracy: 0.01 pmg
RPM Accuracy: 0.1 rpm
Calibration: Calibrated / Check Weights

Speed Encoder System: Digital Chrome on Glass
Ignition Pick Up: Digital (Intelligent(R) Primary & Secondary)
Data Aquisition System: Digital High Speed USB

Supply Voltage: 190-240 Volt AC, 50/60Hz
Max Supply Current: 32 Amps
Air Consumption: <1CFM (120psi max)

Standard Hardware Features
  • Eddy Brake with torque monitor
  • Eddy brake system fully closed-loop with infrared temperature compensation.
  • Fast Dynamic Load Control of eddy brake (no user PID control, self learning)
  • Calibration check weight and arm.
  • Advanced, intuitive Windows software (free software upgrades)
  • Dynamometer-to-PC USB link
  • Multifunction remote hand controller.
  • Intelligent Ignition Pick-up™ system (primary and secondary)
  • Starter system (also used to calibrate dynamometer)
  • 12 Auxiliary 0-5 Volt data acquisition inputs, for connection to additional sensors
  • Machine construction from 3, 5, and 10mm precision laser cut steel
  • Powder coated finish in signature Bazzaz blue and white
  • Anti-slip, powder coated, flat black diamond plate
  • Manufactured to Bazzaz specifications in the UK
  • 1 year replacement parts warranty (excludes consumables)

    Optional Accessories
  • Twin cooling fan system (high speed and pressure, operated from hand control pendant)
  • Wideband air/fuel system (single, double, and quad channel)
  • Weather station (temperature, humidity, pressure, and relative air density)
  • Gas-assisted loading ramp
  • Keyboard monitor shelf
  • 4-Channel type K thermocouple unit
  • 160MPH Ram Air simulation system (calibrated to road speed)
  • Infrared temperature monitor (up to 500ºC)
  • Exhaust extraction kit
  • Exhaust arms
  • Carbide drive roller coating


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